The Amazing Digital Circus Drama NEEDS To STOP… (Michael Kovach Controversy)

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The Amazing Digital Circus Drama NEEDS To STOP... (Michael Kovach Controversy)
The Amazing Digital Circus Drama NEEDS To STOP… (Michael Kovach Controversy)
The Amazing Digital Circus has gone viral after it’s popular indie animation pilot was released, however massive drama such as hate and harassment towards Gooseworxs, Kinger and Jax voice actor drama with Michael Kovach & Sean Chiplock controversy has continued, r34 / rule 34 nsfw problems and fighting has tarnished the Fandom situated around the Amazing Digital Circus, the massive NSFW problem continues, r34 degeneracy and drama with copyrighted ROBLOX TADC assets. So today we will explore and expose the Dark side behind this Fandom, and obviously no hate intended to the Glitch team or Gooseworks who made The Amazing Digital Circus, every fandom has it’s bad aspects such as with Helluva Boss, Skibidi Toilet and Murder Drones, however the fandom behind The Amazing Digital Circus has gone insane over this past week. Also make sure to like and subscribe if you are new, and comment your opinions. Make sure to like if the Fandom is pretty bad and needs some fixing, let’s hit 5k likes! #theamazingdigitalcircus #helluvaboss #fandom #drama
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Credit to Cartoonshi for the inspiration with introduction and topic.
His video;
The Amazing Digital Circus Problem
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